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We use stylish and certified innovative fabrics that will comfort and protect you during the night. Our high-quality tickings include natural fibres, temperature regulating, anti-statics and antimicrobial properties.



A key factor to alleviate back pain is to align your spine and maintain good posture. As everyone has different body mass and some with various back issues, it is important to find just the right firmness to support your neck, shoulders, spine and lower back. Nightingale mattresses combine responsive pocketed coils with layer of premium latex, high resilience foam and toppers to concoct a range of comfort level to suit different types of sleeping posture and habits, to put you into a deep and uninterrupted sleep.



In a hot and humid tropical climate, it is essential to have a breathable mattress that keeps you cool while you sleep. Our unique layers of natural latex with its open cell structure dissipates heat quickly making it well-ventilated, while the natural Tencel and Bamboo fibre tops promote airflow, keeping the mattress cool and hygienic, preventing mites and mould buildup.

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Investing in a high-quality mattress that provides extraordinary support and optimal comfort can vastly improve your overall wellbeing, both physically and mentally. Nightingale mattress is not a bed compressed in a box. We know quality cannot be compromised. Layer upon layer, from the coil support to the perimeter structure and the plush top that pampers your senses, we constantly develop new features by working with award-winning innovative textile companies, sourcing for sustainable materials and producing good responsive coil springs to bring you a range of luxurious mattresses. Our definition of ‘luxury’ isn’t our price tag. Luxury means innovative technology, the use of high-quality materials and good craftsmanship. Our aim is simple, to provide you with the most suited and comfortable sleep you can have.  Nightingale mattresses are exclusively available at all CELLINI stores. This way, you will be assured you are getting a high-end mattress without the hefty price tag

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