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Ever stepped into a show flat unit and wondered how the interiors look so effortlessly gorgeous? The positioning of the vases, photo frames and mirrors all seem so perfect. We asked our d..

A significant number of us suffer from poor sleep quality. A quick poll by our instagram followers showed that most of our followers (a whopping 80%) do not even sleep more than 7 hours a..

Do you know that mattress sizes are subtly different all over the world? Naming standards and mattress sizes differ between US, UK, Europe and Singapore. Fun fact - Did you know that a UK..

Do not buy a latex mattress until you understand this!Latex is a white milky liquid extracted from a rubber tree, commonly grown in plantations along the equator - particularly South East..

Stuck on living room design ideas? As much there is a constant influx of trends, the need to create a personal space that matches your own stylistic preferences can be stressful. But here..

An impeccable bedroom design that makes jaws drop or a restful goodnight’s sleep, whatever it may be, there is no denying that specific elements in a bedroom have their unique ways of imp..

The Many Types of Dining Tabletops Finding The OneKay Quartz Top Dining Table with Henry Chairs We all know choosing the right dining table will set the tone for your entire dinette...

House Inspiration: Korean Interior Design to MimicThere is no denying that K-pop has become a global phenomenon. Possibly the main reason behind the Korean wave, or Hallyu, K-pop has beco..

Party Away with These Dining Room Design TipsThe holiday season is here, and we bet you are planning to usher in the New Year with a bang – especially with Singapore entering Phase 3! Wit..

Faux vs Real: All There is to Know About Marble Furniture Quartz Stone Dining Table | The Kay We all know that furniture is manufactured from a wide variety of solid materials – wood, pla..

Suave & Stylish Bachelor Pad Ideas The joy of living on your own – freedom, personalisation, mess, creativity, and more. However, with the freedom to conceptualise your ide..

Geometric Shapes in Interior Design If you’d like your home to appear more expansive, use light colours. To inject more personality into a space, master the art of playing ..

How to Decorate a Living Room with Black Always making the list of trending colours, black is not only a safe choice in the fashion industry, but it is also a go-to choice ..

Modern Contemporary: Harmonious Contradictions​​​​​​​  Designing a home to be a haven not only requires the integration of personal memorabilia and pieces that are reflective of one’..

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