Stain, heat and scratch resistant, this KAY dining set stands the test of time. With sleek tapered metal legs pairing the durability of a quartz table top. Quartz is a non-porous surface which makes it stain resistant; your coffee, wine or oil sits on top the surface waiting a quick wipe with a cloth. This same surface property makes it more difficult for bacteria, mould and mildew to grow, adding to the already long list of reasons why quartz is truly a practical surfacing choice.


Half leather bed with built-in Bluetooth pairing audio system and adjustable headboard. The adjustable headboard enables you to tilt to increase comfort while watching TV, surfing your smart devices or resting to enjoy the music.

SF 9452

Backrest cushion is able to stay upright without falling down, and gives good back support. ‘Y’ shaped casting leg.


The organic, yet sleek shape is also attractive.

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Efficient and quality furniture is highly important – all the more so in today’s hectic times, with barely any time available for rest and relaxation. Hence, selecting the perfect furniture for your interiors can be a daunting and challenging task. However, thanks to our range of contemporary furniture solutions, you can create the perfect home and office with the least amount of effort. We provide a complete selection of Sleep, Sofa and Dining solutions as well as other supplementary furniture which make for useful additions to any home or corporate environment. Choose from a wide variety at your own convenience, and create the home of your dreams today!

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Create sophisticated charm in your interior space by opting for Cellini’s luxurious range of furniture for all your home interior needs. Be it a sofa, TV console, coffee table, dining set, or a designer bedroom solution, our offerings will leave you spoilt for choice. Regardless of what theme you have in mind for your home décor, our selection of furniture will perfectly complement the rest of your furnishings and lend a finishing touch to your interior space. Stand out from the crowd and create lasting impressions on your guests with some of the finest furniture solutions today.