Interior Design Ideas for Children’s Bedroom


5 Children’s Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Last Updated on Jun 03rd 2022 at 1am


Unlike modern bedroom design ideas that help transform any parent’s bedroom into the ideal space to rest and decompress, children’s bedrooms tend to require a bigger creative input. With kids having specific wants and visions when it comes to designing their bedrooms, it’s more than just creating a space that is comfortable and practical enough for bedtime. Add to that the impressionable minds of the little ones, and their immediate surroundings need to positively influence their mood, behaviours and creativity. Given the abundance of interior design ideas for children’s bedrooms readily available online, it might be an overwhelming task to weave through all of them and set your heart on the perfect one. Especially with the space constraints that most Singaporean homeowners face, space-saving bedroom furniture also needs to take centrestage in the decision-making process. So, rather than taking the easy way out and simply throwing in a few kid-friendly furniture pieces into your children’s bedroom, consider these interior design ideas to create a space that will grow with your child.

1. Get Playful with Colours

bean-bags-1492x831Sleek Bean Bag

It is known that colours can affect one’s mood – the same applies to children. Soft pastel hues like baby blue can help with keeping your kids calm and focused. Other stress-reducing and peaceful paint colours that can stimulate your child’s brain and leave them feeling energised include violet, pink, green, tan, and yellow. Creating a variation of these calming colours by blending any of these shades will also help with designing a calming space. One way to inject these colours strategically is using furniture. For example, if your child’s bedroom has the luxury of space, consider adding sofas manufactured with upholstery of vibrant hues. A small sofa like the Ross Fabric Sofa with Removable Covers and the Sleek Bean Bag will not only act as ideal accent pieces that bring the room to life but will also easily grow with its inhabitant. Colour blocking with other furniture pieces such as bunk beds will also come in handy when attempting to optimise the available floor space. 

You’d also want to transform their bedrooms into a place where their imaginations can run wild. Revamp the space into an art clubhouse that is integrated with some magical surprises. For example, you can promote discovery, creativity and wonder for the younger kids by painting a wall with chalkboard paint so that their creative juices are always flowing.

2. Pick a Theme for Cohesiveness


There is no denying that it can be tricky when deciding on what to invest in when decorating a kid’s room since they are eventually going to grow out of it. However, having a theme will not only keep the space looking cohesive but will also transform it into an uber-stylish room that is imbued with good taste. To create a distinguished design appeal, rather than relying on cheesy all pink Princess themes for little girls, go for fun and one-of-a-kind elements that will translate to maximum functional value too. You may want to inject sparks of imagination and some of your child’s personality to make the room truly their own, but nothing beats the timelessness of simplicity. Find inspiration with your kids and let them choose themes and ideas they may want. But be sure to stick to the basics when it comes to furnishings. From the bedframes to the bedside tables, ensure that they complement the chosen theme so that things are kept clean and intentional.

3. Keep Things Organised with Display Shelves

wall-shelves-singapore-celliniBezel Wall Hanging Closed Cabinet

It is pivotal to choose bedroom sets that are convenient to use. And this means strategically placing shelving units that they can reach. Rather than installing a traditional bookcase in the corner of the room, opt for shelves and display cabinets that can be hung low enough for your kids. Wall mounted shelves like the Bezel Wall Hanging Closed Cabinet will not only keep things organised but will not take up too much space in the room. A wall display cabinet also presents the perfect opportunity to play with proportions. Showcase your style with display shelves and cabinets and use it to your advantage so that enough room is left for play.

4. Be Creative with Modern Bedroom Furniture Choices

leather-stool-cellini-singapore-1492x831Dimple Fabric Stool

Ageless, stylish and multi-purpose furniture will always be a good investment – this is especially so for big furniture pieces like the bed, study tables and shelving units. You may change everything else in the room, but these pieces often stay for the longest. As such, always choose quality over quantity. Must-have basics aside, children’s bedrooms are supposed to be cheerful yet versatile. Make space more fun with stools and bean bags. Little elements of excitement like the Sleek Bean Bag and Chester Genuine Full Cowhide Leather Stool will resolve issues related to limited seating space and double up the perfect chill-out spot for late-night feedings and sleepovers.

5. Design a Dual-Duty Room

storage-bed-singaporeApollo bed frame With Storage and Adjustable Headboard

While it is important to keep your children’s current age in mind while designing their bedrooms, it is also crucial to think about the years ahead of them. If you plan on turning your child’s bedroom into a workspace a few years down the road or want to have a dedicated area for your grown children to focus on schoolwork, this means designing a space that will also function as an optimal study room. And since creating a study area will require space, choosing dual-duty furniture will do wonders. Think of the largest furniture pieces in the bedroom like the bed and mattress. Opt for pieces like the Apollo Bed Frame with Storage and Adjustable Headboard or the Ola Slim Bedframe with Storage Divan. These space-saving beds will save more space while serving two or more functions – helping you create a modern contemporary luxe bedroom and providing hidden storage space to hide all your knick-knacks.

Bring Your Children’s Bedroom Interior Design Ideas to Life with Cellini

space-saving-bedroom-furniture-cellini-singapore-1492x831Holly Bedframe with Pull Out Mattress

At Cellini, we make fulfilling your interior design ideas for children’s bedrooms an easy task. With a range of bedroom sets for sale and other furniture pieces like sideboards and displays, Cellini has all your bedroom needs available in both our furniture shop in Singapore and online. Visit our virtual showroom or head down to one of our stores in Singapore to get a closer look at our extensive range of mattresses and bed frames to elevate the comfort of your child’s bedroom.



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