Modern Master Bedroom Makeover & DIY Design Ideas


5 Modern Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Last Updated on Apr 29th 2022 at 3pm

master-bedroom-designs-singapore-celliniGaze Bed Frame | Cellini

From a minimalist vibe to a traditional space that only serves a functional purpose, several master bedroom designs have the power to transform your bedroom into one where you can go to rest and decompress. While there is no denying that good design can positively influence your emotional wellbeing, renovating or redecorating a master bedroom from top to bottom can be extremely expensive. One of the simplest ways to ensure that your master bedroom design will always put you in a good mood and function as a place where you can unwind is to ensure that it reflects your style. For some much-needed inspiration, we cover a list of master bedroom design ideas to create the perfect resting space. Be it through the incorporation of your favourite contemporary furniture, materials, colours, and patterns or by focusing on space optimisation, these bedroom design ideas are sure to inspire a deep slumber. 

1. Choose Vibrant Colours

When you walk into your master bedroom at night or wake up there in the morning, think of the type of interior you would like to be greeted by. Even if a dark sleep-inducing scheme is what you’re after, you would not want it to be a gloomy bedroom that is painted in dull colours, would you? As such, the easiest update to make your space feel new again is to change up the hues splattered across the room. While a neutral colour scheme will give a modern touch, adding pops of colour throughout the space will highlight specific architectural details and draw the eyes to these areas. Using small touches of colours from the primary palette, like red, yellow and blue accents that inject the space with some cheerfulness has also become more common among homeowners. Unique tones like gold will also get the job done. Pieces like the Rodia console table can be used to make a statement even when placed in a cosy corner of a room. 


2. Make it Texture Rich

bedroom-sets-singapore-celliniRibb Bed Frame

Mastering the subtle art of playing with textures can do wonders for any room in your abode. Besides the juxtaposition fashioning an invisible delineation between areas of your bedroom, it can also pull the entire space together. Since renovating your home to include a show-stopping stone accent wall means building a new dream bedroom from scratch, bringing in additional layers of texture can aid in creating the perfect hideaway. Rather than a classic bed frame, opting for bed frames with a statement headboard like the Ribb bed frame in FabricGard will add visual interest. These types of upholstered headboards not only add more fabric into the bedroom but also asserts a modern twist that does not feel too overwhelming.

3. Mix and Matched Aesthetic


Taking on a mix-and-match approach will give you an opportunity to design an unconventional yet cosy and chic home. Mixing patterns will bring the entire look of your bedroom crashing into a present-day aesthetic. For example, rather than pairing the Crema sideboard with the Crema bedside table, choosing the Slide bedside table or the Dansk bedside table will add more dimension to the space. Getting sideboard cabinets and display cabinets that have a different aesthetic does not mean that your room will lack consistency. As long as these pieces have a similar colour palette, the combination of different styles will always be eye-catching and never over-the-top. For the perfect pop of colour, contemporary furniture pieces like the Carla bedside table are also ideal.  

4. Make Room for More

storage-bed-singapore-celliniTrinity Bedframe with Storage Divan

Not sure if you can do all of the above if you have a small bedroom? Fret not! There are several space-saving bedroom design ideas that will maximise the minimal space you have available in your home. For one, you will have to carefully choose the furniture that will work in the small space. For example, rather than choosing broad dressers and sideboard cabinets like the Dansk sideboard, a narrower alternative like the Dol dressing table with drawers and stool will fit into little nooks perfectly. 


Another way to make your room look less cluttered is to float your furniture. A lifesaver when you have a small bedroom, floating shelves, and wall shelves will free up lots of floor space so that you have more room for other furniture pieces. Options like the Bezel wall hanging closed cabinet and Bezel wall hanging open cabinet, are minimalistic in aesthetic and will offer more storage space for other bedroom essentials. Multi-functional furniture is also a must-have when you have limited space to work with.


Storage beds like the Apollo bed frame with storage and adjustable headboard and Trinity bed frame with storage divan are designed with extra storage that you can make full use of. Integrate a couple of organising solutions like fabric storage boxes and you are all set to having a clean and neat bedroom.  

5. Consider DIY Projects

For homeowners on a budget, convenient bedroom sets can be your go-to. Ridding you of the need to purchase multiple pieces, bedroom sets come with almost everything you’ll need to set up a basic master bedroom. But if you’d like to add your own personal touch to elevate the aesthetics, then you can DIY your way to complete fulfilment. Simple DIY projects like painting your sideboards or adding art pieces can be undertaken to revamp your space on a budget. 

Your journey to finding the best master bedroom design that you will be in awe of for years to come can seem challenging at first glance. However, simply considering your personal tastes, and focusing on the must-haves will be a great place to start. Kickstart your master bedroom redesigning ventures with Cellini. Boasting an extensive range of contemporary furniture, find everything from mattresses to bedroom sets both in our furniture shop in Singapore and online. Visit our virtual showroom or head down to one of our stores in Singapore to get a closer look at all the pieces that can take your master bedroom design to the next level.


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