The Best Mattress for Each Type of Sleeper


Best Mattress for Each Type of Sleeper

Wed, 08 Jun 2022


Buying a mattress for your home in Singapore is more than just deciding on the right mattress brand or determining the ideal mattress size. Since it has been made known that getting sufficient sleep is probably one of the best ways to maintain your health, your mattress of choice is the one key element that will require some thought. With the right mattress being capable of providing optimal support and comfort for a restful night’s sleep, its importance should never be overlooked. And of all the tips to note for a great night’s sleep, looking into the mattress type is pivotal. From foam to latex and from firmness levels to the temperature regulating properties, there are several factors to consider when buying a mattress. But with the number of options available, the process can be dizzying. How then can you simplify your buying journey? The answer lies in your sleep position.

Besides your personal preferences, your sleep position matters just as much when buying a mattress. Your sleep positions affect a variety of health conditions, has the potential to exacerbate or alleviate pain in certain parts of your body and also has a major influence on your sleep quality. As such, choosing a mattress based on your sleep position can help narrow down on the options and optimise your sleep.

1. Best Mattress for Side Sleepers


Side sleeping is one of the most common sleep positions. While it is capable of easing back pain and minimising snoring, it can lead to shoulder pain and lower back pain if the mattress being slept on does not offer sufficient support and comfort. To avoid experiencing such tension, it is best to opt for mattresses that not only provide pressure point relief but also naturally contour the shape of your body.

bedroom-set-cellini-singaporeSeville Lux – Hand-tufted Luxury With Wellness In Mind

Opt for softer mattresses that have more give around the hip and shoulder area and cushions specific areas of the body that are
susceptible to tension or pain. But you’ll also want it to be firm enough to maintain the alignment of your spine. For the optimal mixture of pressure relief, support and comfort, you’ll want a mattress of a soft to medium-firm firmness scale rating. This makes latex mattresses the ideal choice for side sleepers as it provides great support for your back and spine while you curl up on your side. Memory foam is another great option since its plushness offers more contouring to your body. With a plush firm comfort level, options like the Botanica mattress with naturally hypoallergenic natural latex responsive coil support and the Seville Lux mattress with black diamond ultra-cool latex, and ViroClean antimicrobial responsive micro-spring are worth considering. Combining a luxurious blend of super-soft fabric, a thick natural latex topper, and innovative antibacterial technology, these two choices increase your comfort level to the max. Add to that their premium pocketed spring system made of Nickel Chromium Carbon Alloy that is highly responsive to your body contour, and you can rest assured that these mattresses will take care of all your support needs.

2. Best Mattress for Back Sleepers


Back sleeping is the second most popular sleep position. Sleeping on your back naturally promotes neutral spine alignment, allows you to breathe at full capacity and offers the best support if you suffer from hip and back pain. However, all these benefits can only be reaped if you sleep on a supportive mattress. This is especially so since it is common for people to have a hollowed-out area in their lower back when sleeping on their back. Requiring additional spinal support in these situations, you’d want to consider a mattress that is medium-firm. Mattresses with a firmness scale ranging from medium-soft to firm are hence the best choice.


Of all the mattresses you can find on the market, spring mattresses are known to be great for back sleepers and those looking for quality mattresses to reduce back pain. Coupled with a natural latex topper and a firm pocketed spring support base, the Flow mattress with silver fresh antistatic natural latex and responsive coil support is one of the many ideal choices for back sleepers. Providing deeper and more restorative sleep, this Flow mattress also incorporates antistatic technology for comfortable sleep.

3. Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers


Generally a sleeping position that is discouraged by experts, stomach sleeping is known to put stress on the neck and spine and provoke back pain since it does not provide much support when it comes to spinal health. This is because it can be hard to keep the hip, spine and neck aligned throughout the night when sleeping in this position. As such, it is crucial to look for a mattress that is on the firmer side. Mattresses that are between medium and firm on the mattress firmness scale will provide good spinal support. Preventing the hips from sinking too far deep into the bed, supportive mattresses like the Orthopedic Master and Natura from Cellini’s Nightingale collection will offer ample support and keep your midsection from sinking further.


Designed with good base support made of high resilience polyurethane foam and premium pocketed spring, the Orthopedic Master is a firm mattress that will ensure spine alignment. Its individually pocketed springs will also absorb the shock of movement so that you do not have to worry about your spine adjusting or shifting throughout the night due to motion transfer. The Float Adjustable Bed with Natura Mattress is another optimal option due to the abundant support it provides. Allowing you to adjust the angles of both your head and feet, you will not only be able to raise your upper body and legs with ease, but also provide the necessary support for your neck and back. Of medium firmness, this Natura mattress has a firm innerspring base that prevents your pelvic area from sinking while you sleep.

4. Best Mattress for Combination Sleepers


Combination sleepers tend to alternate between any of the above three sleeping positions through the night. Therefore, even if you do not have a designated sleeping position, you’ll need to find a mattress that caters to your unique needs. A mattress that has a balanced level of firmness is often the ideal choice as it will allow you to change positions easily at night without feeling uncomfortable. The medium-firm Spinal Supreme will conform to your body and provide optimal levels of support and pressure relief.


Regardless of whether you find yourself sleeping on your side, back, or stomach, the Spinal Supreme is a medium-firm mattress that will leave you feeling relaxed in the morning. Besides conforming to your body, the natural latex topper will relieve any pressure points. The premium pocketed springs which are calibrated to flex at just the right tension will also provide the support you need.

Get the Quality Mattresses at Cellini

Individuals can switch up their sleep positions up to 40 times each night, but eventually find their way back to a default position. To ensure you get the best sleep every day, buying a quality mattress is a must. At Cellini, we make finding the best mattress in Singapore an easy task. With a range of bedroom sets for sale, getting the perfect pairing of a bed and mattress will be a breeze. Have all of your bedroom needs fulfilled at Cellini in both our furniture shop in Singapore and online. Visit our virtual showroom or head down to one of our stores in Singapore to view all the bedroom furniture and mattresses that we have on sale today.


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