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Best Mattress Buying Guide in Singapore

Last Updated on Jun 07th 2021 at 8am
Best Mattress Buying Guide in Singapore

An impeccable bedroom design that makes jaws drop or a restful goodnight’s sleep, whatever it may be, there is no denying that specific elements in a bedroom have their unique ways of impacting our lives. Usually, when we talk about interior design, aesthetic aspects such as design trends and decorating styles take up the bulk of the conversation. But there is one piece of the puzzle that many of us do not pay that much attention to – our mattresses. And believe it or not, it has physiological effects on our bodies. But if simply getting a Queen-sized mattress that fits your fancy new bed frame won’t do the trick, how then do you choose a mattress that checks all the boxes on your list of needs?

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  • 1. What Should I Consider When Buying a Mattress?
  • 2. What Features to Look For in a Mattress?
  • 3. Types of Mattress
  • 4. How to Choose the Best Mattress That Will Meet My Needs?
  • 5. What is the Best Mattress to Buy?
  • 6. Purchase the Best Mattress in Singapore from Cellini!

Not to worry. Choosing the best mattress in Singapore can be a challenge at times, but it is not impossible. With many brands putting a spin on the creation and configuration of their mattresses, the choices out there are aplenty. From varying models to features, it is crucial to decide on the best fit that balances comfortability, durability, functionality, and cost above all else. 

Find the best mattress for your bed with our detailed buying guide, so you always have a comfortable space to find respite and sink into for the perfect slumber. 

But First, Why is Having a Good Mattress So Important?

We are recommended to get approximately 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day. Now, if we were to take a step back and relook our daily routine, those few hours translate to about one-third of our entire day! Helping you achieve good back health by reinforcing good sleeping posture and facilitating uninterrupted snoozes so that you feel well-rested in the morning, a good mattress is a must-have.

But how do you determine which is the most appropriate mattress for yourself? Do you need a latex mattress that offers pressure relief and body contouring capabilities? What is the ideal size if you’re sharing bed space? Is there an optimal firmness rating that you should look for depending on your weight? How do you search for a mattress that doesn’t put a dent in your wallet? 

We understand your concerns! Let us take you through the details.

What Should I Consider When Buying a Mattress? 

Types of mattress Singapore

Essentially, the best mattress should be one that meets your preferences so that comfort is not compromised. More often than not, this cannot be achieved if the basic conditions are not met. When looking for the ideal mattress, consider the following: 

1. Size

Based on the size of your room, existing bed frame and whether you share your bed space with someone else, you’ll want to decide on the ideal mattress size that will give you enough flexibility and room to stretch out during the night. Common mattress sizes include:

  • Single 
  • Super Single 
  • Queen 
  • King 
  • Super King 

2. Sleeping position

Although everyone has their own unique slumber style, there are a few different positions you’d generally favour over others. Decide if you are a back sleeper, side, stomach, or a combination of any of the three. Since all mattresses have different ways of endearing to different types of sleepers, you’ll want to choose one that is best suited to your position group and provides comfort, bounce, and mobility so that you can adjust positions with ease.

3. Firmness

Mattress buying guide Latex Mattress

The most important yet complex to comprehend – mattress firmness. Rated from a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being extremely firm and 1 being extremely soft, finding the ideal firmness level is very subjective. However, firmness is not to be confused with support. Regardless of where your preferences fall on the firmness spectrum, you’ll be able to find a supportive mattress that sets your spine in an even line. 

4. Texture

This might come as an afterthought for some but to others, it’s relatively important. You may have noticed that some mattresses come with seams and patterns, providing a different “feel” than other options. If you are sensitive to textures or prefer such features, this might be a factor you’d want to look into.

What Features to Look For in a Mattress?

With customers looking for new and innovative features, it is not uncommon to find mattresses with quirky features. Are these a necessity, or these add-ons worth considering? To prevent feeling frazzled, a quick run-through of these will be useful.

1. USB ports

Not a fan of waking up in the morning to a phone that is low on battery power? In the current age of “staying connected”, smart designs are all the rave now. The float adjustable bed with natura mattress and USB Ports, for example, features a sleek design and easy-reach accessibility. With this feature, you can bid adieu to tangled messes of wires and scrambling around in your room for your device. 

2. Hypoallergenic materials

Wondering which mattress material is the best? This depends on the longevity and extent of protection you are looking for. If you’ve got concerns with the effects of allergy triggers such as dust mites, mould, and bacteria, then a hypoallergenic mattress is the way to go. Of the few common materials – latex, bamboo, organic wool, and others – some provide a form of protection against allergens. Able to fight bacterial growth and reduce allergies, hypoallergenic materials are the safer choice for babies and children, keeping their allergies and even asthma at bay. 

3. Adjustability

Buy mattress Cellini Singapore

Most mattresses are the standard flat, non-adjustable pads that we are all used to. But for an elevated and ergonomic sleeping experience, a smart bed that comes with a motorised base is the mattress for you! So, why would you need an adjustable base?  Found almost exclusively in hospitals, adjustable mattresses allow you to raise your upper body or legs, relieving you of symptoms ranging from snoring and breathing difficulties to acid reflux and oedema. 

Types of Mattress

From features to quality, we’ve covered some of the most important factors to consider. But now it’s time to get a low-down on the mattress types available on the market and understand their differences.

1. Premium pocketed spring

A variant of innerspring beds, pocket coil mattresses give your beds that springiness and bounce whilst containing motion shock mechanisms with its individually pocketed spring system, ensuring low partner disturbance. Delivering more support and minimising movement when you change positions, these cylindrical springs can last for over 8 years.

2. High resilience polyurethane foam 

A type of foam mattresses, polyurethane (PU) foam is the most common material used in mattresses. PU foam comes in multiple variants – low to high density, viscosity, and qualities. Unlike poorly manufactured mattresses that disintegrate in just a few years, good quality ones are made with materials from multinational pharmaceutical companies like Bayer from Germany. High resilience foam also differs from the common polyurethane foam since it is more responsive, restoring its shape faster and lasting much longer.

3. Memory foam mattresses 

Who would have thought they’d see NASA and mattresses in the same sentence? Invented in 1991, memory foam beds give you the feeling of being cradled. Conforming to the contours of your body, it offers optimal support and extra softness that you’d easily sink into. The “memory” feature lies in the fact that it will slowly bounce back and revert to its original shape when the weight is removed. Created by NASA, this shock absorbent material has many spin-offs in the market today, with various qualities. Although it has many advantages, memory foam is temperature sensitive which makes the material unstable – the foam hardens in a cold environment and softens with heat, making it less ideal for tropical counties like Singapore. To overcome this issue, gel-infused memory foam was introduced to keep the foam cool. However, the consistency of its elasticity has yet to be perfected. Sleeping too long in the same position will soften the material and cause it to sink, putting pressure on certain areas of your body.

4. Natural latex mattresses 

Latex Mattress smart technology

Gaining popularity in recent years, natural latex, as its name suggests, is made from a source of nature. Beyond being free of chemicals, the gentle cushioning and support of natural latex mattresses maintains spinal alignment by supporting the neck and back. Latex also has similar qualities as memory foam when it comes to conforming to your body contours. As a mattress material, it is more superior to memory foam as its elasticity is consistent and is relatively cooling thanks to its open cell structure that allows good airflow, which dissipates heat quickly. 

5. Cooling natural bamboo fibre 

Versatile, eco-friendly, and softer than organic cotton, natural bamboo fibre is a breathable product that absorbs moisture, aiding in body temperature regulation. Being a hypoallergenic material, it not only relieves allergies but is also antibacterial and dust mite resistant. 

Note that despite this individual segregation of mattress types, there is a new term in the market – “hybrid mattress”. Mixing up different mattress types and materials, it is most commonly a combination of latex layers with a pocketed spring base or memory foam with pocketed spring.

How to Choose the Best Mattress That Will Meet My Needs?

Now that you understand the different types and features of a good mattress, it is time to consider which is the best mattress for you. Choosing one that will work to a T in catering to your specific sleep needs is the perfect buy. 

1. Spinal support: pick between memory foam and latex mattresses 

Suffering from back pain can put a damper on your sleep cycles. If you find yourself questioning which mattress is good for back pain, one that hugs your bodies’ natural curves and supports pressure points like your shoulders and hips while keeping your spine aligned will be the best choice. From high-tech foams to long-lasting latex, chiropractors frequently recommend latex and memory foam mattresses. 

2. Side sleeper: opt for a latex mattress 

What is the best mattress to buy Side Sleeper

Sleeping on your side can help with digestion, breathing, and a whole lot of other things. However, napping on the wrong mattress can negate all these benefits instantly. To reap all the positives of sleeping on your side, you’ll want to choose a supportive mattress that has medium firmness. The best choice you can make given these requirements is a latex mattress.

3. Hot sleeper: explore smart fabric technology

Waking up in a pool of sweat is never a good look. Whether it’s because of an underlying medical condition or simply sleeping in a hot room, there are mattresses out there that allow for an incredible amount of airflow. The Natura mattress is designed with cooling natural bamboo fibres and natural latex that keeps you cool through the night. This breathable textile offers high moisture absorption, making it a hygienic mattress uninhabitable for dust mites and moulds. 

What is the Best Mattress to Buy?

Looking to purchase the best mattress in Singapore? We got you covered! At Cellini, you can find bedding solutions like the Nightingale line-up that are only exclusively available at Cellini stores. Here are our top three picks:

1. Spinal Supreme 

Engineered for different types of sleepers – side, tummy, back or combination – the Spinal Supreme is indeed a versatile choice. Integrated with Sanitized antimicrobial treatment, premium pocketed springs, and completed with a natural latex topper, it is the ideal option for a robust back care support and accompanying soft top.

2. Botania 

Buy Luxury mattress Cellini Singapore

Naturally hypoallergenic, Botania is a superbly tailored mattress that is the perfect blend of super-soft TENCEL® antimicrobial technology and a plump natural latex topper. With an individually pocketed spring system, you’ll enjoy the responsive coil support as it ensures lower partner disturbance.  

3. Flow

The Flow mattress is designed with Silver Fresh smart fabric technology. Its pure non-toxic silver fibres make the fabric antistatic due to its electro-conductive and electrostatic properties. Silver is also naturally antimicrobial and eliminates odour-causing allergens, providing you with deeper and more restorative sleep.

Purchase the Best Mattress in Singapore from Cellini!

Have a mattress in mind that you’d like to purchase? Make your purchase online or in-store at Cellini and enjoy a 10-year limited warranty! You can head down to one of our showrooms or opt for delivery to a local address. And if that’s not enough, keep a lookout for amazing deals on our salespage. 
Looking for more than just a mattress? Browse our bedroom package on Cellini today!


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