Build A Pet-Friendly Home


Build A Pet-Friendly Home

Last Updated on Nov 24th 2021 at 4pm

Build A Pet-Friendly Home You Can Call Your Own in 6 Simple Steps

Are you an animal lover? Do you own a pet?

We have steadfast love for our pets. But let’s face it, it is hard not to get mad when you find them chewing away at your prized sofa (even if they look at you with their puppy eyes). 

Then again, introducing a few pet-friendly measures in your home could give your pet optimal health and happiness. Creating a pet-friendly home doesn’t necessarily have to mean only buying pet-friendly furniture. 

On the other hand, it is about being smart and strategic with your choice of furniture and how you choose to arrange them. 

Luckily for you, we have a guide to creating a pet-friendly home in just 6 steps. Read on to get started!

1. Consider Your Pet’s Behaviour and Lifestyle


Does your pet shed? Is it very active during the day? 

You need to be aware of your pet’s personality and physical characteristics in order to create a home that is safe and comfortable for them. 

For instance, if your pet has a tendency to shed, you may want to opt for leather sofas that do not accumulate loose fur and dirt. A leather sofa also works well for pets who enjoy playing outdoors since leather sofas are mostly stain-resistant. 

Similarly, if your furry friend sleeps in the same bed as you, you should opt for a bigger mattress which caters to you and your pet. 

2. Avoid White Furniture at All Costs

In spite of however active your pet may be, it’s always best to avoid white furniture as much as possible.  Stay away from delicate fabric, too – as these materials can absorb odours and cannot be easily cleaned. 

On that note, choose stain-resistant fabrics like leather that are durable and easy to clean. There are pet friendly fabrics like fabricgard which can take abuse from sharp claws.

3. Keep Fragile Items Out of Sight


Your pets can play with just about anything. In this sense, you would want to channel your inner Marie Kondo by keeping your living space as neat and tidy as possible.

 Keep all breakable and fragile items like vases and ornaments out of reach. Store them in cabinets instead.

Besides fragile items, you would also want to keep toxic items like washing liquid away from your pet.

4. Hide All Electrical Cables

Cables might be fun to chew, but they are deadly and dangerous to your pet. Hide them behind furniture or use cable protectors to make them chew-proof. 

5. Opt for Furniture with No Legs or Tiny Legs


When choosing a sofa, dining table, or a bed frame, going legless is your best bet. You wouldn’t want to find your pet chewing on the legs of your furniture! 

6. Create a Designated Play Area for Your Pet

Like how babies have their own nurseries at home, your pet deserves its own play area with its favourite toys. This way, they are less likely to chew your furniture and make a mess in other parts of the house. 

Pet-proofing Your Home in Style

While creating a pet-friendly home might require a lot of critical thinking and strategizing on your part, you can still enjoy stylish and contemporary furniture and interior design! With our tips, you can create a living space that is snug and safe for you and your pet. 



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