Xinyi & Ronald - Photo Contest Winner


Xinyi & Ronald - Photo Contest Winner

Fri, 14 Sep 2018

Making a large house cosy is no easy task, but XinYi and Ronald’s spacious 5 bedroom home of 1,600 sqft is a paradise of comfort and warmth. With online shopping becoming an increasingly common way to purchase, a tip this young couple shared was to still visit the stores to try out the furniture and experience the piece in the showroom. “The look and feel of the piece is different in real life.” Don’t make purchases immediately, consider and look around. Actually going to the physical showroom makes a big difference. To see and feel the actual product. 

They shared with us how though something might look good, comfort can only be determined by trying out the furniture and experiencing it for yourself. What’s more, you never know when the retail staff may have better options for you, or better deals.

Xinyi Ng-1

Xin Yi and Ronald first found out about us from a friend who recommended them our Home Package, where you can get your major home furnishings for your living room, bed room and dining area from $2588. They considered other brands; IKEA, Scanteak, Havery Norman and Crate & Barrel, and other online furniture shopping platforms; HipVan and Castlery but still found that here at Cellini, we have the most affordable prices with value for money. They began shopping for furniture around April and come July, Xin Yi and Ronald moved in to their new space! In their living room, they chose the chic and warm Luceo Coffee Table and a matching L-Shape fabric sofa with arm rests that double as shelving – a favourite feature of theirs.

Being smart home owners, the couple upholstered their sofa with a low maintenance fabric, Aqua Clean, which can be easily kept clean with just water. Even with stains, just dab some water on the fabric and clean it off with a dry cloth. They chose the same fabric upholstery option for their dining room chairs and paired with the Max Quartz top dining table makes for a clever dining space. Scratch, stain and heat resistant, using a quartz table top is the ideal solution for the everyday use that a dining table sees. Be it hot soup or kids messing around with their cutlery, a quartz top dining table takes it all. Manufactured to counter the limits of natural stone counter tops, quartz stone top dining tables made out of a combination of quartz chips, polymer resins and pigments then compacted into dense, non-porous slabs making it one of them most hardwearing dining table tops. To complete their home, Xin Yi and Ronald bought a bed frame to match the warm theme of their home. Cellini’s one stop shop furniture space gives you affordable furniture with our Home Package from $2588 for major areas of your home. Living room sofa, dining table, bed frame and mattress.

XinYi Ng -2


To Xin Yi and Ronald, home is a place that signifies security, comfort and family – so make it the best. When shopping for furniture, their considerations were most importantly durable and affordable. With plans for the future to grow their family, they designed their home with child friendliness in mind, a sofa that is easy to maintain and a fuss free Quartz stone dining table top that is stain, heat and scratch resistant. Design elements they kept in mind as they shopped what modern, cosy, a warmth of feeling meant to them. Keeping with the theme of they home they had wood elements, wood wall feature.They’ve built a lovely space for themselves and their Cellini bean bag is sitting comfortably in their cosy reading corner. Glad to have been part of your home journey – thank you for sharing your home with us, Xin Yi & Ronald.




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