Space Saving Furniture Arrangement Ideas for Small Homes


Space Saving Furniture Arrangement Ideas for Small Homes

Last Updated on Nov 24th 2021 at 3pm

Space Saving Furniture and Arrangement Ideas for Small Homes

Space Saving Furniture

The average flat size in Singapore has reduced by approximately 35 square metres since the 1990s. With less room to play with, more homeowners are turning to minimalism. Abandoning home decor wants for essential furniture needs is becoming commonplace for those trying to make do with the small space. However, there are tips and tricks to selecting and arranging furniture to have your home looking bigger – in this article, we will cover 6 of them. Study the floor plan and layout of your home and take inspiration from our space saving furniture arrangement ideas before making any big purchases!

1. Choice of Furniture: Colours

Get creative with your space and add personality without occupying floor space. How? With colours, of course. Light, neutral colours tend to brighten up a space as it reflects light. This prevents the space from looking too closed, and instead makes your home feel more expansive. Try using a neutral colour palette throughout, from your walls to furniture, to maximise this effect. With furniture showrooms like Cellini manufacturing fabric sofa upholstery like FabricGard, you no longer have to fear staining your precious light coloured furniture.

2. Choice of Furniture: Weight and Size

Careful furniture selection and smart styling also maximise space. Having a curated collection will eliminate the need for more furniture in the small space. Purchase furniture that is in proportion to the area so that it will not crowd the room. If a round coffee table seems too bulky or occupies too much space, opt for a long and narrow bench that can serve the same purpose. The same can be applied to sofas – armless ones, like our VOX fabric sofa, adds fluidity as it keeps the area open.

3. Interior Illusions: Vertical Trickery

Vertical Trickery

Bezel Wall Hanging Open Cabinet | Wall Mounted Shelves

Trick your eye into thinking that the space is bigger by using more vertical furniture. This will draw the eyes up, adding more height to your home. Stacks of storage boxes might seem like a convenient choice, but it creates a “blocky” feel. Stray away from closed and boxy furniture, instead, install wall mounted shelves or tall and open display shelves. Get creative with our Bezel wall mounted open shelves, and hang these wall shelves in an alternating pattern to make the room artistically appealing.   

4. Interior Illusion: Unexpected Replacement

Rethink furniture choices – there are no hard and fast rule that you have to stick to! Your home, your rules. Shake up traditional options and experiment with alternatives for more traffic flow. For example, you could use an ottoman instead of a coffee table. Still in need of a coffee table? Select those with high legs like our Dansk coffee table. Its lithe legs will not obstruct the view of the floors, opening the space up and giving it the feel of airiness.

5. Living Room Furniture Arrangement Idea: Fill the Corners

The secret to perfecting living room furniture arrangement is to go against conventional layout ideas to create space. For example, placing a sofa in the center of the living space is a common arrangement type. This might overwhelm the small space, making it look cluttered. For a change, try pushing your large one-piece furniture into a corner of the room. For more seating area, introduce leather stools or ottomans to section off an area of your home. 

6. Space Saving Furniture for Small Homes: Free Storage

free storage

Studio L-Shape Sofa with Wooden Storage Arm | Fabric Sofa

When there is a sheer lack of space, homeowners search high and low for the next big storage ideas for small homes. Multifunctional furniture like our Trove coffee table and Studio fabric sofa with built-in book shelves are the ultimate storage solution. Not only offering storage opportunities, it also frees up floor space while doubling as a decorative piece.

Have more storage ideas for small homes or tips and tricks on space saving furniture arrangement? Tag on us Instagram with your ingenious solutions



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