How a Quality Anti-Static & Antimicrobial Mattress Improves Sleep Quality


Improving Sleep Quality: Anti-Static & Antimicrobial Mattresses

Last Updated on Sep 08th 2021 at 9am

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According to the Sleep Foundation, sleep is one of the most important functions that recharges our mind and body. Beyond leaving us feeling refreshed the next day, sleep is necessary to maintain proper cognitive and behavioural functions. Sleep deprivation can lead to several consequences, including the increased risk of falling sick, mood shifts, and attention lapses. Chronic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure have also been linked to the lack of sleep. As such, additional efforts must be taken to improve our sleep quality and environment. However, with hectic work schedules and daily stressors, many find it challenging to fit the recommended daily sleep allotment of 7 to 9 hours into their routine. How else can we then improve our sleep quality? Beyond focusing on the hours of sleep and establishing a serene bedroom design, the quality of your mattress is an important contributing factor that should not be forgotten.

How Mattress Quality Affects Sleep Quality

As odd as it may seem, your mattress of choice can indeed affect your sleep quality and health. Experts state that the surface that you sleep on can affect your comfort levels and hence your sleep quality. Since there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to selecting the perfect mattress and comfort is a subjective factor in this equation, deciding on the right mattress type will be a decision made in accordance with your personal preferences. However, there are 2 often overlooked aspects that impact the overall comfort of your immediate sleep environment - static and cleanliness.

Our bodies naturally pick up negative charges which then build up as static electricity. This can be a huge source of tension that makes us feel irritable and anxious throughout the day. Since these charges do not dissipate easily, we often go to bed with these highly charged particles, obstructing our ability for optimal rest and relaxation. The same can be said about the germs that we carry with us throughout the day. As much as we keep ourselves and our environment clean, bacteria, oils, saliva, and sweat are bound to accumulate on our mattresses, eventually making it a foul-smelling area in a well-designed bedroom. You wouldn’t want to be sinking into that every night, would you? But fret not! Anti-static and antimicrobial technology work to nip these issues in the bud.

Understanding the Technology

With technological advancement and research, brands like Cellini have been able to develop revolutionary mattress fabrics incorporated with anti-static and antimicrobial technology so that your quality of sleep is not affected. Mattresses such as the Flow Silver Fresh Antistatic Natural Latex Responsive Coil Support Mattress are designed with smart fabric technology aimed at vastly improving your overall physical and mental wellbeing.

1. Anti-static technology

 Silver Fresh Antistatic _ Antimicrobial Fabric

Silver Fresh Antistatic & Antimicrobial Fabric

Natural material such as Tencel which is made of Eucalyptus plant pulps contain high moisture that prevents the build up of static charge. More innovative mattresses like the FLOW mattress come with non-toxic silver fibres that possess electrostatic properties. It not only prevents static charge from building up, but also discharges negative electricity. You can bid adieu to ever waking up feeling lethargic.

2. Antimicrobial technology

As mentioned, the accumulation of sweat, oils, saliva, and other bodily wastes doubles as excellent breeding grounds for bacteria and odour-causing allergens. The silver fibres found in the Nightingale mattress collection are also naturally antimicrobial and eliminate odour-causing allergens. So how does this technology work? The use of silver for therapeutic effects can be dated back thousands of years ago. Known to have “magical healing” powers, silver, like other antimicrobial coatings, hinder the growth of pathogens. But the antimicrobial technology of our mattresses does not just end there. A permanent non-migrating antimicrobial technology developed by Belgian Co LAVA, known as VIROCLEAN, mitigates the spread of viruses. The Sanitized antimicrobial treatment that is integrated into our mattress fabric also prevents the growth of allergens.

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