Gris Sintered Stone Top Dining Table | Extendable | Dining Room

Gris Sintered Stone Top Extendable Dining Table

  • $1,898
  • [Retail Price $2690]

At 12mm, this Gris Sintered Stone Top Dining Table is significantly thinner than stone tables with no compromise on its strength and hardiness. Add a clean modern style to your dining room with this extendable dining table up to 2000mm. This will comfortably accommodate your family and friends over dinner. Build memories and strengthen bonds over meals with Gris Sintered Stone Top Dining Table.

Sintered stone is a revolutionary material that will completely change the way you look at dining top. Unlike other materials such as glass, metal, and even stone, Sintered stone is not only stain and scratch resistant, it is imprevious to heat and cold, withstanding temperature change without cracking or chipping.



Dining Table Dimension:

W1600 x D900 x H750
W 2000 x D900 x H750 (extended)

• Top in Sintered Stone - Grey stone design
• 12mm thickness
• Steel legs, black powder coated

Recommended For:
Large apartment, landing homes
Size of 900 sqft and above

Design Feature:
• Dining table top can be extended out when required on occasion, and kept awat when not required. The W1600mm legth is used on a daily basis, and when guests come over, the table can be extended to accommodate them
• Extension leaf (400mm) rises from the center of the table top. Legs remain stationary. 
• Sintered stone
  - is made from clap, quartz, and natural minerals. The materials are mixed, pressed under high pressure and baked at high temperature
  - It is a hardy and scratch-resistant surface
  - It is flame and heat-resistant
  - Resistant to light acids and alkali
  - Extremely low absorption of liquir, oil (less than 0.5% absorption)
  - High stain resistance. Tough stains can be cleaned off easily, with water/or soap.
  - Food-grade surface
  - Surface design is realistic looking and attractive

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