Luxurious Natural Latex Mattress - Nightingale by Cellini


Luxurious Natural Latex Mattress - Nightingale by Cellini

Thu, 17 Jun 2021
Luxurious Natural Latex Mattress - Nightingale by Cellini

Do not buy a latex mattress until you understand this!

Latex is a white milky liquid extracted from a rubber tree, commonly grown in plantations along the equator - particularly South East Asia. The extraction process does not kill the tree. When farmed cyclically, the process is regarded as sustainable - with no harming animals or releasing of toxic chemicals in the production process.

Latex toppers are used in certain mattresses to add an element of bouncy comfort.

Types of Latex Mattresses

We know how frustrating it may be navigating the variety of latex mattresses options online. The market pushes ambiguous terms such as Organic Latex, Talalay Latex, Natural Latex...leaving consumers confused! To simplify, one should understand that latex can be broken down to 3 simple categories.

  1. Natural Latex

natural-latexNatural Latex toppers are high in cost, but provide the greatest level of comfort. A large proportion( >85%) of natural latex is used without the use of synthetic latex resulting in the highest elasticity and resilience. Natural latex toppers easily conform to your body and reduce pressure on your muscles. The luxurious comfort and gentle support is simply unrivalled. Some organisations choose to call this ‘100% Natural Latex’ . Do note that latex mattresses cannot be formed without the use of additives to aid the vulcanisation* process. Nightingale uses 100% natural latex in our mattresses.

  • The vulcanisation process involves the ‘steam baking’ of latex to change its property from foam to solid.

  1. Synthetic Latex

Synthetic Latex contains a low proportion of natural latex ( usually about 20%) . The production of such latex is quicker, more predictable and consistent. Some may even argue that such latex are more durable. However, the comfort level it offers is dull with little heat dissipating property and it produces unhealthy off gassing.

  1. Blended mix of the above in varying proportions (ie. the rest)

Names of Latex Mattress

A company may also choose to name a process of latex manufacturing to that of their brand. For example, ABC may follow an 80/20 mix of natural/synthetic mix and name the latex ‘ABC latex’.

Consequently, another company may also choose to modify upon existing latex manufacturing and thereby renaming the process.

For example , XYZ company may use the same formula as ABC followed by heating the latex mix temperature to 110 Celsius plus a quick cooling and ,subsequently, naming the enhanced process as the ABC process.

As there are little regulations governing the usage of such terms, the above 3 categories are broad definitions to help you better understand before the purchase of latex mattresses. Any other terms such as 100% Natural Latex, Pure Latex should trigger caveat emptor ( buyer beware).

Black Diamond Latex

Black Diamond infused latex aids in quick heat dissipation through compression-conduction.. Excess heat is often accumulated at the shoulder and hips areas causing discomfort. Heat is effectively dispersed to the uncompressed portions when the individual crystalline carbon particles are compressed during sleep. The usage of Black Diamond Latex allows the latex layer to feel up 2- 3 degrees cooler!

Nightingale is proud to source our latex from companies that are working hard to minimize the environmental impact of its activities.

Heat accumulation - true or false?

A common myth is that latex feels warm and is unsuitable for warmer days. This misconception is probably due to people being confused between latex and memory foam as they both feel somewhat similar.

Latex has a significantly superior open cell structure to allow for better airflow and cool sleeping hence you should not feel warm sleeping on a latex mattress as compared to a memory foam mattress.

Fabric Choice

The choice of fabric that goes on top of the latex is also important to keep you comfortable. Fabrics such as TENCEL and Natural Bamboo Fabric have superior cooling qualities and work to absorb and quick release moisture back to the surroundings. Technologies such as SANITIZED and VIROCLEAN treatment inhibit growth of microorganisms and allergens, keeping you and your loved ones safer.

Nightingale Luxury Mattresses

Nightingale has a series of mattresses with or without latex toppers. Those with allergies to latex should note that natural latex is below the surface of the mattress and does not come into direct contact with the user.

All the mattresses in the Nightingale series contain pocket springs - the superior spring choice of all luxury mattresses.

pocketed-springSchedule an appointment and experience Nightingale mattresses today.

The above article should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult your doctor for more information regarding allergies and orthopaedic conditions.


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