Thermic Cool Mattress

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Thermic Cool Mattress - 12" thickness

  • $2,239
  • [Retail Price $2799]

​​​​​​​THERMIC COOL MATTRESS – Keeping you cool at night. 
Designed to keep the sleeper cool at night.

The ideal microclimate for optimal sleeping comfort. Thermic™ is a proactive solution for dealing with temperature fluctuations during sleep. It ensures undisturbed sleep, even if your body temperature suddenly rises or falls. People sleep best and longest when the temperature is between 28° C and 30° C. Thermic cool is a mattress ticking which has a unique thermo-regulatory property. It allows your mattress to create the ideal micro-climate for optimal sleeping comfort. Purotex® which is present in the mattress combats dust mites and allergens. The probiotic micro-organism absorb moisture and breakdown the edible material deposited into the fabric, thus creating an environment unconducive for the dust mite. The probiotic organisms also neutralize allergens of the dust mites, restrict the growth of unwelcome bacteria, and neutralize the unpleasant odours. The net effect of Purotex® is the reduced risk of allergic reactions and respiratory issues, and increased hygiene in the sleeping environment.

MATTRESS SIZES (12” thickness)

Super King Size1830 x 1905 x 310 mm
King Size1830 x 1905 x 310 mm
Queen Size1525 x 1905 x 310 mm


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