We Pay Your Bill 2019 Winner - Ms Mak


We Pay Your Bill 2019 Winner - Ms Mak

Thu, 05 Dec 2019

As part of Cellini’s tradition, we held our annual “We Pay Your Bill” contest and had 2 of our winning bill numbers picked at random through a live draw. We were delighted to invite our winner, Ms Mak back to Cellini @ Pacific Tech Centre showroom for the collection of her cash rebate of $2,988 where she had shopped from.


Eager and ready to move in to their new home, Ms Mak and her mom shared with us that they had previously encountered hiccups with their sofa order from another company, prior to their purchase on Cellini’s Grande 3 seater motorized recliner sofa. Winning the “We Pay Your Bill” contest was out of Ms Mak’s expectations and a blessing in disguise for her, as the top of mind concern for Ms Mak was really to look for the perfect sofa for her family.


With the former unfortunate sofa purchase from an unnamed company, Ms Mak was extra careful and alert with every detail of the next sofa. Having researched and tried out many sofa from various stores and furniture mall, Ms Mak was certain that she wanted a genuine full leather sofa that will be suitable with the width constraints of the living room in her new home. Considering her options, Ms Mak had her eyes set on the Concerto sofa initially, a full leather sofa with motorized recliner and high backrest.

Upon her showroom visit to Cellini @ Pacific Tech Centre, Ms Mak was introduced to the Grande sofa which comes with a more premium leather by our dedicated sales staff, Tracilla. Complimented as hardworking and competent, Tracilla was confident with her product knowledge, where she was able to provide apt recommendations and options available for Ms Mak. This is why the main deciding factor for the purchase was the excellent customer service provided by Tracilla, where Ms Mak shared that it gave her family “an extra oomph to complete the sale” in a short time frame of a week.

Furthermore, with Cellini’s strong marketing presence and reliability in brand heritage, it allowed Ms Mak to be fully assured in trusting the Cellini brand. Ms Mak emphasized that function, quality and price are also factors in the decision-making for the purchase of Grande 3 seater motorized recliner sofa.


We sincerely wish Ms Mak and her family a happy and blissful time in their new home with their sofa!    


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