The Ezal Family - Photo Contest Winner


The Ezal Family - Photo Contest Winner

Wed, 24 Oct 2018

With careful planning and considerations that their furniture choices be value-for-money, practical and durable, they began their search. Before the purchase of any item, Maimunah would have her research done complete with an image reference and the specifications for the piece they were interested in. Back home, the family used masking tape to lay out where each piece of furniture would fit. It is important that their guests are free to chill as they please, to feel at ease in their home and the family’s interior style became a good mix of the warm and cosy, and the polished hotel look.


They first found Cellini’s TROPIA Quartz Table a perfect fit for their dining space where friends would find it hard to leave, not only because of the good food but also that so many fit comfortably around. Paired with a bench on each side and two chairs, the dining table proved to be an integral part of their daily lives. And just like that, the family found their major furniture pieces, adding our ELDA L-Shape Sofa, MAX coffee table and the CREMA sideboard to their home.


Maimunah and Ezal shared with us that they have known about the Cellini brand for a long time but it was something they never dared venture into because it seemed expensive. It was not until they were drawn to our quartz dining top and spoke with our retail executives that they were pleasantly surprised when they discovered how value-for-money Cellini furniture is. This holds true for us as a home-grown designer furniture brand. Each piece is conceptualised at our Singapore headquarters, manufactured in our factories as we oversee each part of the process, from the build of the sofa structure to each spring in our Nightingale mattresses. Now, the family’s living room is accompanied by our Cellini bean bag and we hear that it is constantly hogged by either one of their two vivacious boys – or both.




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