Eva & Nicholas - Photo Contest Winner


Eva & Nicholas - Photo Contest Winner

Wed, 27 Mar 2019

First time home owners Eva and Nicholas oversaw the renovation and styling process of their 5 room BTO flat in Yishun. The couple in their early 30s are from the supply chain and engineering industry respectively and is proof that you can design your own space how you like it. Home to them is a place to rest and unwind, a space for their hobbies and to spend time with each other, so they wanted a certain feel and quality to their home but couldn’t find an interior design firm that fit their style.


Being very involved in the renovation process for their home, Nicholas headed project and spoke with contractors and the many people that made a flat a home. The savvy couple weren’t looking for a specific design theme but determined their own style, one that is neat, clean and sleek. They designed a look that is for value for money, comfortable and that suits their design tastes. Sharing his experience, Nicholas says to be selective and look for quality and a price that fits your needs.

As their renovation progressed smoothly, the couple went shopping for their home furnishings. At the beginning of their renovation journey, they bought a sofa from a popular, trendy store, that they sold off again in less than a month. Unfortunately it didn’t fit the space well and it was not as comfortable as they wanted it to be. The couple spends majority of their time at home resting in the living room, which meant that getting a sofa that better suits their needs and comfort level is very important to them.


When they attended a friend’s housewarming, there came a recommendation that found the couple at our Cellini showroom, where they bought their comfortable L-shape Karl fabric sofa which they loved much more. Nicholas shared that it suited their design style and their big living room much more than their previous sofa did. Satisfied with their purchase from Cellini, they choose to add a 1.6 meter Kay quartz top dining table to their home, loving it for the easy maintenance and durability of the sleek quartz top.

Sharing their shopping experience, Nicholas shared, “I’m still quite old school, and like to touch and feel the furniture before buying.” - but there’s nothing old school about that! 

While online shopping does have it’s perks of convenience and price comparisons, there is nothing quite like visiting the furniture showrooms to sit, touch and feel the furniture piece that you’re about to add to your home! By experiencing the furnishings in store, you have a better gauge of the size and proportions of the furniture and how the piece suits your comfort and design needs. Setting a budget is very important and to choose carefully within your parameter to avoid being at a loss with the many options in the market, to get the best quality and value for your purchase.

Now their home has a lovely addition of a Cellini bean bag, congratulations Eva and Nicholas!




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