Desmond Toh & Family - Photo Contest Winner


Desmond Toh & Family - Photo Contest Winner

Fri, 29 Mar 2019

Since the days of their parents' homes, ShiQin and Desmond are familiar with the Cellini brand. Now a family of 5, airline pilot Desmond and Home Maker ShiQin are parents to three lovely children, in Primary two, five and six. They shared with us that back in 2005, when they were in their late 20s, the couple’s first home was furnished with Cellini furniture. They bought a home package consisting of a 3 meter long fabric sofa, dining table and a bed frame with the add on of a coffee table and tv console! With their purchase of the Cellini Home Package, furnishing their first home of 1399 square meters was a breeze. Their old sofa, lasted them for the 13 years they spent in their old home.

With their second home and three kids in tow, Shi Qin and Desmond are back at Cellini. Furnishing their 1349 square meter condo, they had tips to share from their experience. When shopping for your furniture, testing and trying out the sofa is especially important. After searching several other stores, they haven’t found a sofa with sufficient support and backing. By experiencing the piece in the showroom, you must look out for what fits your comfort and support that you want. Another funny shopping tip they have for us, “Leave the kids at home.”


While they did shop elsewhere for their home furnishing needs, they felt drawn back to our showrooms and they shared with us why. 

“Having used Cellini furniture in our home, we feel assured with the Cellini brand, and we know that whatever we put in, we are sure we get a good quality product.” - Desmond.

ShiQin and Desmond designed their home interior around their choice of the Korus L-Shape Leather Sofa in Volcanic Orange, genuine cowhide leather upholstery. With a white and warm wood themed interior style, the bold focal of an orange leather sofa makes for gorgeous home! They love their living room and describes the space as open and freeing. It is a place where family especially gathers to watch tv, play games and bond together. They use their 2 meter long Bolda quartz top dining table everyday and delights that it is durable and easy to maintain. The dining table is a new arrival in our showrooms featuring wood bonded steel, a process where a walnut wood veneer is bonded to the steel frame of the dining table and chairs to give the look and feel of a sleek wooden dining set, with the strength of having a steel frame. The quartz stone top table is scratch, stain and heat resistant and the perfect surface that is both stylish and hardy enough for everyday use without the need of special care. They have friends over in the recent months and the big dining table fits everyone well. And now, their spacious living room is home to a Cellini bean bag!

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