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Ribb Bedframe in FabricGard + Seville Lux Mattress

  • $5,988
  • [Retail Price $12968]

Upholstered in quilted ribbed pattern fabric headboard, Ribb bedframe has an exclusive design element that will surely stand out in any bedroom. Aside from its pleasing aesthetics, Ribb bedframe is also padded to provide you with the comfort you need.

Hand-Tufted Luxury Designed For Wellness

Top of the range, Seville Lux is a high-end mattress that brings you the optimal sleep care you can have with a combination of luxurious materials and innovative antibacterial technology. This mattress is built with several layers, offering incredible comfort, support and wellness.

The plush and super-soft TENCEL® fabric is treated with ViroClean antimicrobial technology.

To eliminate different types of microorganisms and to provide a fresh and pure fabric, a permanent non-migrating antimicrobial technology developed by Belgian company LAVA Textile is integrated into the fabric. Test results certified a significant bacterial reduction of 98.43% on a ViroClean treated fabric. It is an innovative supplement that combines antibacterial properties with a reducing effect of viral activity. 

The hand-tufted topper has a hybrid of micro-springs and Black Diamond treated natural latex that keeps the material constantly cool, ensuring immaculate comfort for your best rest. Not only does Seville Lux gives you the sensory appeal, but its pocketed spring system takes care of the support that is required in every high-quality premium mattress.

Selection of bed designs are available. Drop us a text to find out more.



Super King Size    W1850 x D2240 x H1290 mm
King Size  W1850 x D2015 x H1290 mm
Queen Size  W1545 x D2015 x H1290 mm
Super Single Size  W1090 x D2015 x H1290 mm
Single Size  W935 x D20150 x H1290 mm

Bedframe Material: 
• Full fabric upholstery
• Steel leg, brown powder coat finish

Design Feature:
• Headboard pattern looks unique, and creates a visual focal point of the bed design
• The headboard looks naturally rounded at the edges, and is a good thickness, to suit a smaller bedroom space
• Metal leg slant matches the slants in the pattern design


Super King Size      W1830 x D2132 x H310 mm
King Size                 W1830 x D1905 x H310 mm
Queen SizeW1525 x D1905 x H310 mm
Super SingleW1070 x D1905 x H310 mm
SingleW915 x D1905 x H310 mm

• Quilted top (Fibre and polyurethane foam with Sanitized® treatment
• Natural Latex
• High resilience polyurethane foam
• Individual pocketed spring

Design Feature
A firm pocketed spring mattress for back care, with plush top for added comfort. With Sanitized® treatment for mattress cleanliness.

Sanitized®  Hygiene Function:
• Effective against bacteria
• Odor-resistant
• Optimal protection against dust mites and their allergens
• Dermatologically tested and safe for man and the environment
• Recommended for allergy sufferers

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