Made In Cellini Roadshow

Last weekend, we had a road show and press conference to celebrate the 2018 new arrivals and a new type of fabric upholstery – all this to make your home lifestyle better. We launched Aquaclean, a revolutionary fabric treatment that allows you to clean stains using water only.  Aquaclean® Technology is an advanced protection for the upholstery of our sofas, guarding them from the occasional stains of everyday life thanks to an invisible barrier at a molecular level that prevents the passage of dirt.

Aquaclean protection is part of the fabric itself, covering it fiber to fiber, preventing dirt from penetrating the fabric and facilitating the cleaning of a large number of stains such as coffee, wine, ketchup, butter, jam and many more with just water, and thus avoiding the use of washing machines and abrasive cleaning products. Types of stains that simply disappear with water from our fabrics, thanks to our innovative Aquaclean® Technology. The fabrics and fibers of the future are here, and they are here to stay to make your life easier. By using Aquaclean, we want to be part of this technological revolution giving the best solution to meet the needs of our customers, offering them Aquaclean fabrics, to be able to live life on the sofa 100% without any worries of any kind.
– 100% Eco-Friendly – Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate
– Safe Front Technology – combats the presence of mites, mildew and bacteria in upholstery, preventing allergies and other associated problems.
– Fire Retardant Technology – European Standard
– Aquaclean contains no PFCs (per-fluorinated chemicals)
– Recommended fabrics for living with a pet.
Our NEWEST ARRIVAL is BOLDA. This quartz stone table top features our latest production method of bonding walnut veneer with metal. Paired with FLEX, the chairs’ frame has the same production method of veneer bonded metal. Quartz stone top dining sets are heavy, by combing a wood finishing with metal frame, this gives you not just the natural beauty and elegance of earthen brown walnut bust the strength and durability needed for a dining table that sees everyday use.

Protect your home, and your space with a quartz stone table top. Fuss free and no stress. Scratch, stain and heat resistant, using a quartz table top is the ideal solution for the everyday use that a dining table sees. Be it hot soup, coffee or kids messing around with their cutlery, quartz takes it all.
Quartz is a non-porous surface which makes it stain resistant; your coffee, wine or oil sits on top the surface waiting a quick wipe with a cloth. This same surface property makes it more difficult for bacteria, mould and mildew to grow, adding to the already long list of reasons why quartz is truly a practical surfacing choice.
PAC LEATHER SOFA – Modular Motorised Recliner
This new arrival is a modular leather recliner, it has adjustable headrests and can be configured in to 2 or 3 seaters and an L-shape sofa. PAC also features storage at the end modules for convenience. Good for large apartments to expansive landed homes, this unique sectional sofa is a statement in any home.
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