DS 208 - CH 251


Essenza Dining Table

Part art, part design – the Essenza dining table is a unique, almost sculptural piece. Each leg consists of 3 closed arcs, extending to the ends for structural stability. It’s fluid shape and molten form belies the material used – Cast aluminium. Aluminium is hard, lightweight, yet strong, and is 100% recyclable, thus making it a green product.
The hand-crafted casting is carried out in Cellini’s own foundry; a forte since its inception.

The tinted glass top creates a smoky visual effect of the leg when viewed from above. The boat-shape glass adds to the organic flair of the overall design. The inspiration for Essenza is aplenty – Organic architecture, nature, insects; it absorbs the essence, and re-creates a new sinuous form.

Essenza is a stand-out design; a conversation starter in any space.

• Essenza-DS208-W1700 x D900 x H750
• Charles-CH251-W460 x D615 x H869

• Boat shape glass adds to the organic look and is elegant.
• Each leg is pointing in 3 directions, in non-uniform sections, but is fused together for great strength.
• Chair legs is in steel, which is strong and durable.
• Steel leg look slim, with attractive taper shape.
• Back rest thickness is made to be as compact as possible, whilst giving a wrapped, contoured back support.

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