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Premium Quality Mattress by the Mattress Specialists

Each mattress in Cellini’s Nightingale Silenite range has a design objective for your sleep needs. Each one a blend of excellent material and smart fabric technologies from leading European manufacturer, Bekaert Deslee. These technologies are used combination with ActiPro™, a probiotic anti-allergy fabric. Equipped with a composition of Visco Elastic Memory Foam, Natural Latex & Micro Fibre, Silenite Mattresses’ aim to target back care issues, temperature regulation or the build-up of negative ions in our body.

In addition, every Nightingale Slienite Mattress is constructed using world renowned Individual Pocketed Spring (IPS) system, the preferred system used by the best spring mattress manufacturers worldwide. Nightingale IPS system provides truly no-partner disturbance, which is very important for a restful night of uninterrupted, rejuvenating sleep, especially for light sleepers.

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A Premium Quality Mattress By Singapore’s Speciality Mattress Suppliers

Nightingales have long been known as songbirds which sing during nighttimes. These humble and beautiful creatures have incredibly rich, sharp and melodious voices, and are also known as Luscinia Megarhyncho, literally meaning singer of the night. Similar to the nightingale, which charms and lulls its audience to peacefulness and serenity with confident crooning at night, our good-quality Nightingale mattress will bring about complete ease and tranquillity to you while sleeping.

If you’re searching for the best place to buy a mattress, look no further than Cellini, one of Singapore’s favourite mattress manufacturers and suppliers. Each of these mattresses is equipped with composition of Visco Elastic Memory Foam or Natural Latex. In addition, every Nightingale Pocketed System is known for its excellent quality, smart fabric technology and construction with the world-famous Individual Pocketed Spring, which is the preferred system used by the top spring shops, and international mattress manufacturers and suppliers.

More than just a good mattress – a good night’s sleep

Cellini has worked hard to ensure that our customers are offered only the very finest in bedding on the market, and the Nightingale is part of this. Offered in both memory foam and latex mattress configurations, this is one of the finest choices you could make you for your bed. To suit all postures and bedrooms, Cellini offers the Nightingale in a wide range of designs and structures, helping every individual get the best possible sleep. Whether you suffer from lower back aches or struggle to achieve the true rest you need from a night’s sleep, we have a solution for you.

Choose one of Singapore’s finest bedding furniture and mattress shops and shop the Nightingale range at Cellini today. Any questions about finding the best memory foam or latex mattress for you? Get in touch with us on 6545 8182 or send us a message through our enquiry form and we’ll be happy to help.