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Since the days of their parents' homes, ShiQin and Desmond are familiar with the Cellini brand. Now a family of 5, airline pilot Desmond and Home Maker ShiQin are parents to three lovely ..

First time home owners Eva and Nicholas oversaw the renovation and styling process of their 5 room BTO flat in Yishun. The couple in their early 30s are from the supply chain and engineer..

With careful planning and considerations that their furniture choices be value-for-money, practical and durable, they began their search. Before the purchase of any item, Maimunah would h..

Making a large house cosy is no easy task, but XinYi and Ronald’s spacious 5 bedroom home of 1,600 sqft is a paradise of comfort and warmth. With online shopping becoming an increasingly ..

Jocelyn and Chongzhi’s cosy executive condo of 90sqm centres around their living room - a homey space with natural light streaming in from the balcony. This visually astute couple have..