Your Ultimate BTO Renovation Guide

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Your Ultimate BTO Renovation Guide

Wed, 25 Sep 2019

4 BTO Renovation Tips You Wished You Knew Sooner

By Sarah Quek

BTO Renovation Tips


After months of waiting, you've finally gotten the keys to your Build-To-Order (BTO) apartment. Now what?

Getting your apartment is the first step to building a living space you can call home. The next step is stocking your home with furniture and interior decor - after all, any living space is incomplete without some lush interior design and functional furniture. 

Then again, designing a home within the spatial constraints of modern BTO flats can be challenging. Most new apartments have limited floor space - in this sense, one has to be strategic and smart about choosing furniture because you wouldn't want to be staying in what feels like a tight and cramp home with large pieces of furniture that cost a bomb. 

Your new BTO is a blank canvas for you to design any way you please. If you need some BTO renovation to maximize space and lower costs in your new BTO, we have some to share! We compiled 5 smart and innovative BTO renovation tips to help you maximize space and lower costs. Read on to find out more. 


1. Opt for furniture sets

Opt for furniture sets

Opt for furniture sets


Which pieces of furniture go well together?

What colours scheme should you choose?

How should you arrange the furniture? 

Interior design isn't as easy as ABC. It requires a deep understanding of design, material, and spatial cohesiveness as well as some creativity too. 

Instead of having to plough through endless pages of furniture catalogues, why not just opt for furniture sets instead? 

Not only will getting a furniture package save you the hassle of shopping for furniture individually, but it can also help you save costs! 


2. Invest in hideaway storage 

Invest in hideaway storage


The second tip we have on our list of BTO renovation tips is to include hideaway storage in your living space. 

Clutter can make your living space look sparse. In this sense, it would be essential to have proper storage solutions to keep your devices and commodities out of the way. 

Feel free to get creative with your storage and choose from cabinets, shelves and more


3. Scale Down Furniture 

Scale Down Furniture


Let's face it - furniture can take up a lot of unnecessary space. In this sense, it is vital to be aware of the space in your BTO and get furniture that fits.

Avoid choosing excessively large furniture. Instead, fill your home with compact pieces of furniture that can accommodate the occupants of the BTO. For instance, if you are moving in with your life companion, opt for a 2-3 seater sofa that can accommodate both inhabitants as well as a guest in your living room. 


4. Make Use of Vertical Space

Make Use of Vertical Space

Make Use of Vertical Space


If you look at your empty BTO carefully, you would probably notice empty vertical space. By utilizing vertical space, you can obtain practical space in the comfort of your own home and even help you save on decorating and other BTO renovation! 

There are various ways to take advantage of vertical space. One way is to incorporate a high cabinet to store your clothes and other knick-knacks. 


Transform Your BTO Into a Safe Haven

After a long day at work, you would want to rest in a comfortable and cosy living space. Make your BTO feel like a home by getting creative and imaginative with your living space today! 


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