Ways to Refresh Your Home with Furniture This New Year


New Year, New Home: Revamp Your Space with Furniture

Last Updated on Mar 03rd 2022 at 6pm



KORUS Leather Sofa | Cellini

Christmas would have most definitely left many of us scrambling to find the right decoration and even choosing the right dining chairs for all to feast on. As much as the holiday cheer is still fresh in our minds, the new year is drawing near. The time of the year where we reflect and make resolutions, it is a period of deep self-reflection. Setting goals for ourselves have become a common theme year in and out, but what goals have you set for your home? A space that doubles up as the coolest hotspot for guests to hang out and a private sanctuary where homeowners seek respite, living spaces require just as much attention. Although the New Year is all about fresh starts and new beginnings, a major renovation project will not be necessary to spruce the area up. A simple makeover with affordable home furniture will suffice in refreshing the living space and have it oozing with design appeal. So how do you go about making these simple changes that will make a world of a difference to your abode? 

1. Get Organised



Dansk Display Cabinet

When we come up with resolutions for the New Year, oftentimes they are either to rid ourselves of a “bad habit” or to upgrade ourselves in one way or another. Similarly, one of the most affordable ways to redo homes is to clear them of any clutter. Get rid of all the goods that you’ve piled up throughout the year and elevate the visual appeal of the space by keeping it tidy. Whether you plan to “Marie Kondo” your entire apartment, go through periods of purging within a given timeframe, be sure to only keep the items that are practical and of use. One way to ensure everything stays organised, is to utilise storage solutions of all shapes and sizes. Home furniture like wall display cabinets and shelves, TV consoles, and sideboards are perfect for hiding any clutter in a sophisticated way. Even coffee tables like the BEZEL and bed frames like the TRINITY with storage divan, serve dual purposes that will have your home looking sleek and stylish, while also cutting back on the amount of floor space occupied.


2. Add a Splash of Colour

One of the first things many homeowners tend to do when they move into a new home, is to paint their walls. But more often than not, the colour of the walls remains the same while everything else around the abode shifts and transforms. The quickest and most cost-efficient way to transform a home is to take things back to the basics by adding a pop of colour. If throwing on a new coat of paint is not a time-efficient solution, introducing colours in the most subtle ways will also help make a statement. Be it a large work of art or a bold sofa, the impact made by various hues should not be forgotten. At Cellini, we boast different types of sofas – from fabric to leather sofas. But that is not all! Giving you the upper hand when jazzing things up in your abode, is our range of fabric and leather options. Bright colours like wine red, muted tones such as sand and beige brown, you name it, we probably have it.


3. Experiment with Your Bedding 

When we talk about home furniture, it does not only consist of pieces meant for the living room. Make your bedroom one of the many focal points of your home rather than a messy eyesore. Besides the standard go-to methods mentioned above, try switching out your bedding! A temporary solution that you can easily switch up every week, who would have thought you could add life to a room with a piece of linen? Mix in patterns and complete the look with a few throws and pillows, and you’ll have a posh looking bedroom in no time. To take things up a notch, you could even get yourself a new bed frame like the RIBB that is designed with a quilted ribbed pattern fabric headboard – a showstopper that will also make your king-sized mattress look grander. 


4. Go for the Unorthodox



Assam Tea Trolley

Sofas and dining tables tend to be the main furniture pieces that homeowners worry about. Will it complement the interior design? Is it too large? Will it overwhelm the space? Although these pieces are indeed big investments to make and require much thought before taking the plunge, other home furnishings can also make or break a room. Almost functioning like home decoration, furniture like floating wall shelves, wooden TV consoles, and TV sideboards are add-ons worth considering. Take for example the ASSAM TEA TROLLEY. Seemingly an unorthodox piece to have in the middle of the living space, its oddity somehow adds a touch of luxe to the space. Experiment with pieces like these and see how far it can push the design of your home. Afterall, what better time to get your creative juices flowing than on New Year’s Day?


Not sure where to buy modern home furniture in Singapore? From TV display cabinets to coffee tables, Cellini has all your home furnishing needs available on sale both in our furniture shop in Singapore and online. Visit our virtual showroom or head down to one of our stores in Singapore to get a closer look at our extensive range of furniture. 



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