How to Get an Open Concept HDB Flat in 4 Easy Steps

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Get an Open Concept HDB Flat in 4 Easy Steps

Wed, 13 Nov 2019

How to Get an Open Concept HDB Flat in 4 Easy Steps

By Sarah Quek  

open Concept HDB Flat

If you reside in Singapore, you might be familiar with open concept floor plans. They are popular amongst most shared working spaces, offices and even homes.
As the name suggests, an open plan refers to a concept which eliminates barriers and walls. 

Open concept designs are well-liked mainly because they make use of a large, open spaces and reduce reliance on small and enclosed rooms to facilitate togetherness and more interaction amongst inhabitants. Aesthetically, open floor plans create a sense of openness and make a small space feel larger. 

While open concept floor plans may be popular in working spaces, did you know that you could also incorporate them into your very own HDB? 
That’s right! With proper planning, you could enjoy an open concept floor plan in your HDB flat.

1. Choose Multi-functional Furniture 

With spatial constraints in your HDB flat, you must choose your furniture wisely. Select pieces that serve more than one purpose or have multiple uses. For instance, try to incorporate TV consoles with drawers for more storage space to support your television. 

2. Plan Your Furniture Layout

Plan Your Furniture Layout


One of the shortcomings of open floor plans is the lack of vertical space. With windows on one wall and your television, family portraits, or paintings on the other, you could find yourself wondering where you ought to place your sofas, dining table and your coffee tables. 

When deciding where to put your furniture, you would always want to try and maximize space, light and flexibility.  If you are having difficulty doing so, hiring an interior designer might be a good idea. 

3. Incorporate Partitions 

One way to avoid having a messy open floor plan is to include partitions. This could come in the form of a solid structure or custom pieces of furniture.

custom pieces of furniture

While this would not enclose a specific area, partitions can separate an open-plan space into zones. In addition, partitions can also deaden noise. The thicker the wall, the better the soundproofing. 
One could also opt for pocket or folding doors to allow for more flexibility and privacy when you want some me-time. 

4. Choose Pieces of Furniture that Match 

a furniture set

Since you will be uniting the kitchen, living and dining areas, all your furniture will be visible. So be sure to choose pieces that harmonise and follow a coherent aesthetic. 
In this case, a furniture set might do just the trick. 

Is an Open-Concept Living for You?

While open floor plans might promote a contemporary and casual environment, one should always consider if open living is suitable for one’s lifestyle before hacking away at the walls in your HDB flat. 

Are you someone who needs your me-time and quiet?

Would you be willing to upkeep your home regularly? 

If your answer is “no” to the questions above, you might want to have a chat with your interior designer to decide whether it would be worthwhile to go with open concept living. 


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