How to Choose the Right Bed and Mattress for Your Kids


How to Choose the Right Bed and Mattress for Your Kids

Last Updated on Nov 26th 2021 at 10am

Gaze Bed Frame | Cellini

Gaze Bed Frame | Cellini

Finding a quality mattress for ourselves can be a challenge. But getting the best one for the kids isn’t a simple process either. From the material of the bed to the support the mattress provides, there are many different factors to consider. Adding to that, is the pressure of ensuring your child gets an adequate amount of sleep. According to research, children who get enough sleep regularly benefit from improved attention, learning, memory, and overall health. Depending on their age, they’ll need to get anywhere between 8 to 16 hours of sleep, and not doing so can lead to health conditions like high blood pressure and obesity down the road. As such, simply looking into the design aspects of a kid’s bedroom will not suffice. Providing your kids with a proper mattress and bed set, not only will it improve their sleeping posture and encourage deep sleep cycles but will also aesthetically transform their bedroom. Here are a few tips to help you in choosing the best mattress and bed frame for your kids!


Choosing the Best Bed Frame

Bed frames are so much more than a flat surface to put a mattress on. Setting the tone and acting as the foundation of any bedroom, the bed frame will affect the mattress size to pick and the style of the bedroom. To ensure that comfort is never compromised for style, look into the following when searching for a bed frame for your little one: 


1. The Material

On instinct, it is only natural to gravitate towards bed frames that look good and complement the bedroom design that you have chosen for your kid’s bedroom. However, the material and the construction of the frame should be at the forefront of your decision-making process – you wouldn’t want the joints to collapse when the kids are jumping on the mattress, would you?


Ribb Bedframe in FabricGard


Wooden frames are often used to create strong beds that hold up weight well and last for years. The Sardinia Bedframe with Botania Mattress is supported by veneer legs. Its fabric upholstery platform together with the veneer wood imbues any space with class and elegance. Do your kids eat in their bedrooms? Perhaps they run around with markers and crayons, scribbling on any surface they find? Then the Ribb Bedframe in FabricGard is one to consider. Unlike other temporary spray-on fabric protectors, FabricGard creates a permanent barrier of resistance for your bed frame. Simply wipe the quilted ribbed pattern fabric with water and the frame will look as good as new. 

When it comes to your kid’s safety, the material of the headboard is also something to take note of. Jumping on the bed and bumping their heads is no laughing matter – but with bed frames like the Ola Slim that comes with a tufted headboard, you can rest assured that the puffy headboards will offer some form of protection should any mishaps happen. 


2. The Style

best-mattress-and-bed-Singapore-celliniTrinity Bedframe with Storage Divan


Loft beds, bunk beds and even trundles are childhood classics. But given the height risks associated with loft and bunk beds, a standard platform bed frame will suffice. Due to the space constraints in most homes in Singapore, frames that do not occupy too much space or are multi-functional will always be great options. The Trinity bedframe with Faux Leather Panel Headboard is only 50mm thin, saving valuable space in small bedrooms. The Trinity Bedframe with Storage Divan serves two functions while taking up minimal space. Now you can forget cramping a wardrobe into the bedroom - simply store them under the bed! 


3. The Size

Since your bed frame purchase should last for at least a decade, it has to be one that your child does not outgrow after a few years. Factor in details like if your child will be sharing the room with another sibling or they’ll be sleeping by themselves. The Holly Bed Frame with Pull Out Mattress is the perfect solution for kids sharing their space, while frames like the Apollo Bedframe with Storage and Adjustable Headboard comes in Single and Super Single sizes for the lone sleepers.


Choosing the Best Mattress

Now that you’re informed on the best ways to choose a bed frame, the next step is to buy the best mattress for your kids to support healthy sleep cycles. The perfect option is highly dependent on the individual needs of the child – does your child have allergies? Are they still in the growing stage? Do they toss and turn in bed while asleep?


1. The Material 


Naturally Hypoallergenic Bamboo Fibre Mattress


Just like the bed frames, the mattress needs to be of top-notch quality. Unlike the process of choosing the right mattress size, buying a mattress in Singapore requires more than deciding between a single mattress or a queen size mattress. Choosing materials that eliminate virus spreading, contamination, and prevent the development and growth of allergens is a must when buying a mattress for kids. And designing a safe haven with hypoallergenic mattresses is easy with Cellini. Mattresses featured in our Natura line-up are made of soft bamboo fabric that keeps the little ones cool at night. Since bamboo also possesses exceptional antibacterial qualities, there will be a natural barrier against the growth of bacteria. The Flow range also incorporates antistatic technology and Silver Fresh fabric yarns that are naturally antimicrobial and eliminate odour-causing allergens. 


2. The Construction

It is a widely known fact that reading while lying down can put a strain on your eyes. This is where adjustable mattresses like the Float Adjustable Bed with Natura Mattress and USB Ports come in handy when trying to inculcate healthy reading and sitting habits. Allowing for a comfortable resting position, you can modify the position of the bed so that your child is not parallel to the ground, and boost blood flow.

Not sure where to buy beds and mattresses in Singapore? From modern bed frames to mattresses with smart fabric technology, Cellini has all your bedroom needs available on sale both in our furniture shop in Singapore and online. Visit our virtual showroom or head down to one of our stores in Singapore to get a closer look at our range of Nightingale mattresses. Need help choosing the best mattress for your kids? Browse our guide on finding the best mattress for your home in Singapore!



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