How to Choose the Right Bed and Mattress for the Elderly


Choosing Quality Mattresses and Beds for Seniors

Last Updated on Apr 20th 2022 at 8am

storage-bed-Singapore-celliniApollo Bed Frame with Flow Mattress | Cellini

We all know the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. However, as we age, the typical methods for getting enough sleep just might not suffice. With aging, it is only natural that our sleep cycle changes, not to mention the increasing prevalence of health conditions that makes it all the more challenging to get a restful night of sleep. While most homeowners tend to be more concerned with their master bedroom designs and having them complement their modern interior, it cannot be denied that the mattress and bed integrated into the space matter as well. With the right mattress and bed pairing, the needs of the seniors living in your home will be efficiently met. Capable of making all the difference between uncomfortable nights of tossing and turning or a full 8 hours of necessary sleep, this guide covers the important purchase considerations for seniors.

What Type of Mattress is Best for the Elderly?


Black Diamond Ultra-Cool Latex ViroClean Antimicrobial Responsive Micro-Spring

As with all furniture, there is no doubt that managing your budget is pivotal. But when it comes to mattresses, there is much debate as to whether a quality mattress is a luxury or a necessity. But with the possibility of waking up with lower back pain and feeling exhausted, investing in the right mattress that mitigates these risks that the elderly commonly face is a must. So, is turning directly to orthopaedic mattresses the only solution for the seniors in your home? Here are the best mattresses to consider:

1. Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses have become increasingly popular in recent years. Doing a phenomenal job at evenly distributing one’s weight, foam mattresses can minimise aches and pains associated with pressure build-up. Moreover, it provides sufficient support to the entire body, relieving pain, relaxing the muscles and allowing elderly adults to get uninterrupted sleep. This body-hugging mattress also ensures excellent motion isolation, so elderly couples do not have to worry about transfer across the surface due to their partner’s movements.

2. Latex Mattress


For something firmer and made out of a natural material, try a latex mattress. Possessing properties that are similar to that of the memory foam mattress, latex mattresses have an edge due to their springiness, density, and natural physical properties. A package deal when it comes to support and comfort, latex mattresses are also a perfect fit for orthopaedics due to their spring-like physical form. Great for spinal alignment and relieving any pressure points, choosing mattresses like the Seville Lux Black Diamond Ultra-Cool Latex ViroClean Antimicrobial Responsive Micro-Spring will have the elderly in your home bidding good riddance to back pain.

3. Responsive Coil Mattress


Also known as pocket spring mattresses, they come with a core made of metal coils covered by an outer layer made of foam, latex or other materials. The oldest type of mattress in the industry, this traditional option is highly resilient, firm, and supportive. Having loads of positive responses, this is an ideal choice for those who prefer a firmer feel. The Botania Naturally Hypoallergenic Natural Latex Responsive Coil Support Mattress, for example, comes with a premium pocketed spring system and a natural latex topper. The premium pocketed spring is also calibrated to flex sufficiently to reduce motion shock and respond to body contours.

4. Hybrid


Hybrid mattresses are now more common, containing an innerspring support core that consists of pocketed coils and an additional component made out of other materials such as foam or latex that offers comfort. Combining the benefits of a foam or latex mattress with that of traditional coil ones deliver the best of both worlds. This combination contours perfectly to the bodies of the elderly, relieving pressure points, while materials like latex provide excellent airflow. At Cellini, we boast options like the Flow Silver Fresh Antistatic Natural Latex Responsive Coil Support that checks all the boxes.

What is the Best Bed for the Elderly?

orthopedic-bed-mattress-Singapore-CelliniFloat Adjustable Bed with Natura Mattress

Once you are confident of a mattress that will be the perfect option for seniors, the final step is to look into the accompanying bed. Bed frames might seem like a simple holder for the mattress that you are about to purchase, but they do have more functional features that can help alleviate some common challenges faced by the aged.

1. Adjustable Beds  


Mobility issues are common amongst the elderly, making adjustable orthopaedic beds beneficial for them. Whether they are dealing with joint problems, muscle weakness or pain in different areas of the body, adjustable beds like the Float Adjustable Bed with Natura Mattress and USB Ports can assist older individuals who have a difficult time getting in and out of bed. Such motorised orthopaedic beds and mattresses can be manually adjusted to tilt at an angle so that they can lean or sit up in bed without putting too much effort and pressure on their bodies.

2. Bed Frame with Tilting Headboard

If you are looking for a simple bed frame that has a slight incline that makes leaning and sitting more comfortable, then those with a tilting mechanism will suffice. The Gaze Bed Frame with Tilting Headboard in Half Leather is great for those with pre-bedtime rituals such as reading as it has a large padded headboard that can be tilted.

3. Space Saving Beds


Be it a king mattress or queen-sized one, in space scarce Singapore, maximising the limited space available is a must. Though at first glance getting a storage bed for the elderly might seem redundant, they can actually be beneficial and a practical addition to the bedroom. From storing medication to having other essentials within reach, having a bed like the Ola Slim Bedframe with Storage Divan will come in handy in unexpected ways.

4. Easy Maintenance


Finally, bedroom sets need to be easy to maintain. Accidents such as spills and bedwetting are common issues amongst the aging population. This is where furniture made with FabricGard will be useful. The Ribb Bed Frame in FabricGard is designed with a type of fabric textile that comes with a microsuede material structure. This effectively creates a permanent barrier of resistance against blemishes such as staining.

When it comes to choosing the best mattress and bed pairing for the elderly, it all boils down to their wants and needs. Just like how there are things to consider when choosing the right bed and mattress for your kids, the same applies to the seniors in your home. For more tips and guidance, refer to our mattress buying guide and mattress size guide.

Not sure where to buy quality mattresses or orthopaedic beds suitable for the elderly? From latex mattresses to bedroom sets, Cellini has all your bedroom needs available on sale both in our furniture shop in Singapore and online. Visit our virtual showroom or head down to one of our stores in Singapore to get a closer look at our extensive range of mattresses and bed frames.



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