Living Room Ideas for a Multifunctional Family Space


Create a Multifunctional Space with These Living Room Ideas

Last Updated on Apr 13th 2022 at 12pm

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Our urban lifestyles have made everything more fluid and flexible – and the same is being applied to homes. Ditching the concept of a formal living space that seems a tad bit too uptight for the family, an open-plan living room has been all the rave in the world of design. Although it is a trend that is here to stay, the idea of combining everything from the home office to the dining room in the hopes of creating a multifunctional space can be overwhelming. If you plan on having your small living room pull double duty, you’ll not only need to ensure that it can be used for multiple purposes but also adapt as your needs change over time. How then do you design a modern and contemporary living room that is capable of handling more functions with  its limited floor plan?

1. Define the Different Spaces

A family room is a space for gatherings, entertaining, and relaxation. With work from home arrangements being more common, the number of activities that take place within the living room has undoubtedly increased. As such, if the design venture is not planned out properly, the space might end up looking cluttered and confused. Therefore, it is important to identify areas for each activity and utilise furniture to mark out these boundaries.

dining-room-tables-singapore-cellini-1492x831Massa Sintered Stone Top Dining Table

To define the different spaces, the first step is to analyse the area and decide on what you’ll need to do to create zones that reflect the mood of the activity. For example, a lounge area will be more intimate and will require a different scheme that still blends neatly with other areas like the kitchen and dining space. Having painted or textured spaces are some ways to signify a change of purpose. To zone out a home office space, you could paint a different block of colour to create a visual cue for separation. Different textures and materials can also be used to create a distinct divide. If your living space is outfitted with wooden furniture like coffee tables and sideboards, the dining room can be contrasted with sintered stone top dining tables. To retain some commonality and tie both areas together, elements of wood can still be injected into the dining space with pieces like the Max dining bench.

2. Get Harmonious

Multiple rooms or multifunctional, whatever it is that is taking centre stage in your design project, you’ll still have to create a seamless flow from one living area to the next. This means that while you work on defining different spaces through zoning, sight of the overall design should never be lost. For this to be possible, a cohesive decorating scheme is required.

living-room-furniture-singapore-cellini-1492x831Elda L-Shape Fabric Sofa

To trick your eye into thinking that every corner is the same, symmetry in furniture and simple accessories can be used to thread the separate areas together. For example, you can establish a specific shape across the entire living room to visually unite it. If angular shapes are your preferred choice, pieces like the Elda L-shape fabric sofa with wooden storage arm and Bolda Grey quartz dining room table with flex dining chairs will radiate cohesiveness. The subtle elements of wood also work to pull the entire space together.  

3. Smart Furniture Choices 

Keeping in mind practicality and style, there are loads to consider when attempting to create a harmonious space. Incorporating the right furniture into the living space thus has to be one of the biggest challenges.

While abiding by general space-saving furniture arrangement ideas for small homes still applies, strategic placement of furniture can make a world of difference. This is because the careful placement of furniture ensures that everyone can spend time, work, and play without having to stumble over each other. So which furniture pieces possess winning features that also serve multiple functions?


When putting together a curation of only the essential pieces, there is no denying that the sofa is a must-have. Creating a hub for your family, sofas also provide instant guest accommodation and practical seating. In addition, the right sofa also acts as an anchor piece by being the focal point of the living space. So, if your family likes to gather, ensure that the living room has entertaining at its heart with pieces like the Celadon L-shape modular fabric sofa with movable side table.

Shelves & Displays

living-room-ideas-singapore-cellini-1492x831Luceo Display Shelf  

Since installing sliding doors or putting up platforms will cost money, use shelves and display cabinets as a substitute for room dividers. Steer clear of the tacky-looking bulletin board-esque wall dividers and segregate your living room with storage shelves like the Luceo display shelf. Multifunctional in nature, these types of division reduce the structural barriers, making the room feel more open and spacious.

Extendable Tables

If you work from home and would like to make space for a home office in your living room, adding another table might not be feasible. This is where extendable dining tables like the Gris sintered stone top and Massa sintered stone top extendable dining tables come in. Extendable dining room tables allow you to pursue separate activities and bring the family together at the same time. Working the day away? Use the table as is and extend it when your entire family is sitting down for a meal. 

Not sure where to buy living room furniture in Singapore? From living room sets and living room furniture packages to dining room tables and storage shelves, Cellini has all your living room furniture needs available on sale both in our furniture shop in Singapore and online. Visit our virtual showroom or head down to one of our stores in Singapore to get a closer look at our extensive range of furniture that will help you design a multifunctional space.


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