Articles from November 2019

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Articles from November 2019

How to Get an Open Concept HDB Flat in 4 Easy StepsBy Sarah Quek  If you reside in Singapore, you might be familiar with open concept floor plans. They are popular amongst most share..

A Stress-Free Guide to Working with Your Interior Designer in Singapore By Sarah Quek  Source If you thought getting your BTO confirmation was the end to all your homebuilding ..

How to Choose a Sofa That Will Last in 4 Simple Steps By Sarah Quek  Source A living room is not complete without a sofa. However, choosing the most suitable sofa isn't as ea..

The Only Recliner Buying Guide You’ll Ever Need By Sarah Quek You might have remembered playing around with your elders’ recliner chairs when you were a kid. While recliners are..

How to Choose a Mattress – The Ultimate Guide By Sarah Quek Looking for a new mattress? This guide will help you get the right fit for your physique and sleeping habits!   ..

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