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Faux vs Real: All There is to Know About Marble Furniture Quartz Stone Dining Table | The Kay We all know that furniture is manufactured from a wide variety of solid materials – wood, pla..

Suave & Stylish Bachelor Pad Ideas The joy of living on your own – freedom, personalisation, mess, creativity, and more. However, with the freedom to conceptualise your ide..

Geometric Shapes in Interior Design If you’d like your home to appear more expansive, use light colours. To inject more personality into a space, master the art of playing ..

How to Decorate a Living Room with Black Always making the list of trending colours, black is not only a safe choice in the fashion industry, but it is also a go-to choice ..

Modern Contemporary: Harmonious Contradictions​​​​​​​  Designing a home to be a haven not only requires the integration of personal memorabilia and pieces that are reflective of one’..

Space Saving Furniture and Arrangement Ideas for Small Homes The average flat size in Singapore has reduced by approximately 35 square metres since the 1990s. With less roo..

5 Room Divider Ideas for Small Homes in Singapore It is a given that BTO flats and condos in Singapore are getting tight on its square footage. Due to reduced floor space i..

Industrial Chic Interior Design Ideas From Scandinavian home interior to a design theme that exudes modern royalty, there are a plethora of interior design trends that have..

A beautiful, harmonious room isn’t just about throwing the trendiest furniture in and splashing expensive wallpaper on the walls. Perfectly designed spaces don’t just look good, they have..

Choosing a Stunning Table to Complement your Dining Room IdeasIf the kitchen is the heart of every home, the dining room is where the fruits of its labour are to be enjoyed. A dining tabl..

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