Apollo Bedframe with Storage and Adjustable Headboard

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Apollo Bedframe with Intense Sleep Mattress

  • $3,399
  • [Retail Price $6689]

The Apollo bed frame headrest are firmly upholstered but its rounded pebble-like design keeps it visually soft and aesthetically pleasing, perfect for the modern contemporary luxe bedroom. With adjustable headrests that has storage hidden underneath. The Apollo accompanies your pre-sleep bedrooms rituals, simply adjust the padded headrests to your comfort at any angle, and then hide it away when not needed to keep the aesthetic sleek and neat.

The Intense sleep mattress uses ultra-fine, multifilament carbon-fibre thread.

These capture the tension causing, built-up electrons around our body’s magnetic field, and discharges them into the air. These negative charges literally flows away from the body, allowing for deeper, and more relaxing sleep. For supreme comfort, the topper contains layers of memory foam and latex. With Actipro and Intense.​​​​​​​

Bedframe Sizes & Dimensions

Super KingW1850 x D2490 x H800 mm
KingW1850 x D2260 x H800 mm
QueenW1540 x D2260 x H800 mm
Super SingleW1090 x D2260 x H800 mm
SingleW935 x D2260 x H800 mm

Bedframe Material:

Headboard Material:

​​​​​​​Design Feature:
• Bed with adjustable head rest
• Storage compartment at headboard


Super King Size1830 x 2132 x 330 mm
King Size1830 x 1905 x 330 mm
Queen Size1525 x 1905 x 330 mm


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